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About A. Brent Brower
Brent Brower is the owner and founder of ABB LifeQuest. He is a Personal and Business Coach and Consultant with over 27 years of professional experience helping individuals and organizations achieve success and be their best. 
As a leader and coach, Brent has demonstrated his effectiveness in many settings including: Fortune 100 Corporations, Small Business, Entrepreneurial / Intrapreneurial, Technical, Church, Spiritual, Family

and Community
In each of these settings Brent has learned that two things are paramount for individuals and organizations to experience success, joy and fulfillment: 
  1) Clarity of purpose / mission / vision and
  2) Achievement of bottom line results. 
But where do we go to obtain the clarity we need and to answer the questions that close the gap between strategic plans and actual results? 
From both his life and business experience and from years of studying business, leadership, human behavior, psychology, and theology, Brent has concluded that the clarity and the answers we seek come from deep within each of us at the individual level. For organizations it comes from deep within the individuals and teams that comprise the firm. Brent’s coaching facilitates both the accessing and actualizing of this inner wisdom. 
In his individual coaching practice, Brent works in an interdevelopmental fashion that seeks the deepest level of meaning, purpose, and passion in a person as the foundation. From that point every activity, relationship, behavior, and decision can be evaluated and aligned with that foundation. Many find that choices they have made in life are not consistent with the purpose, passion, and meaning of their life and experience very positive bottom line results in their lives as they make deliberate shifts. 

For organizations Brent’s practice focuses on the top executives and their management teams. Strategic, marketing, and operational information is blended with a deep level of agreement on values, purpose, vision, and the passion of the top executives and their management teams to form a foundation. Every activity, relationship, behavior, and decision can be aligned with this foundation. Since most organizations have many individuals and teams, achieving and maintaining alignment becomes more complex but produces efficiency and effectiveness that grows the bottom line. 

For more info write Brent at BrentBrower@aol.com

Brent's experience as a leader and coach includes . . .
Fortune 100 Corporations
~ Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Rust Environment & Infrastructure Inc. - 
   $300 million revenues, 2600 employees, and over 50 locations 

– Operating margins 40-100% above industry each year
– Integrated 8 acquisitions while maintaining internal growth
– Improved operational performance through technical and project management
   training and mentoring programs
~ Senior Vice President, Director of Business Development, Rust E & I, Inc.
– Responsible for corporate development and strategic planning
– Directed sales and marketing force of over 80 executives and professional
~ Vice President, Director of Marketing, Fluor Corp. - Operations & Maintenance
– $1 Billion Operations & Maintenance services business with markets in Electric
   Utility, Manufacturing, Chemicals & Life Sciences, Oil & Gas, and Metals Industries
~ Vice President Sales and Marketing, Fluor Corp. – Technology Services 
– $60 Million Consulting and Software Company

Small Business
~ ABB Lifequest - Owner and Founder
~ Sirrine Environmental Consultants, Inc. -  Co-founder, Board of Directors, and 
Shareholder of this employee-owned company that tripled in 3 years 
Vice President Corporate Development
Directed and negotiated the transition of ownership in this company 
to a public company to realize growth potential significantly benefiting 
the employees, shareholders and clients of the company
– Vice President, Hazardous Waste Division
Consistently achieved the highest margins in the company
Tripled business and staff from 40 to 120 in three years

Entrepreneurial / Intrapreneurial
~ 50 / 50 partner in gas and convenience store business
~ Co-founder of Sirrine Environmental Consultants
~ Leader of numerous business units within large and small corporations

~ Registered Professional Engineer since 1978 (North Carolina License #8180) 
~ Leader of many environmental engineering and consulting engagements in areas of 
water and wastewater treatment, hazardous waste clean up, air pollution control, 
and solid waste management

~ Senior Warden (chairman) of the church Vestry (council)
~ Diocesan Convention Representative
~ Trained Church-Growth Consultant
~ Lay reader, communion assistant, and liturgical deacon

~ Leader of numerous 3-day Christian Life and Renewal Workshops at:
   – Local church level (Discovery)
   – Diocesan level (Cursillo)
   – In maximum security prisons (Kairos)
~ Taught many Sunday school classes for adults and youth
~ Led confirmation classes and served as a confirmation mentor
~ Leader of Men’s Groups
~ Leader of Men’s Retreats

~ 29 year marriage to Sally Morgan Brower, Phd., 
former therapist and current ordained Lutheran Minister
~ Daughter in college and son in high school
~ Seminar leader trained and recognized by the National Center for Fathering

~ Leadership Greenville, SC – Greenville Chamber of Commerce
~ President- Spaulding Farm Homeowners Assoc., Greenville, SC (300+ homes)
~ President- Pirates Cove Homeowners Association, Raleigh, NC (300+ homes)

~ Coach University – the world’s largest educational institution for coaches
~ Corporate Coach University- the world’s largest corporate coaching institution
~ Graduate and Licensed Facilitator for The Coaching Clinic, Personal Coaching 
Styles Inventory, and Professional Foundations Programs
~ Life On Purpose Institute

~ The Year Program with Jim Farr, Farr Associates- Behavioral Science Consultants
~ Advanced Executive Leadership Development Program, Farr Associates
~ Intensive Executive Leadership Development Program, Farr Associates

~ Education for Ministry (EFM), Theology School, University of the South, 
(Episcopal Seminary)

~ M.S., Civil Engineering, minor Business Management, N.C. State University
~ B.S., Civil Engineering, (Cum Laude), N.C. State University
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